Meet Otis + Charlotte

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Otis + Charlotte (a.k.a. "Char")

Panama City, FL

Ties to This Area
Our humans

Fitness Philosophy
Dreams are like squirrels—you must chase them.

Level 5 Cuddling
Certified Funnest Dogs in Dog Park

Favorite Cheat Meal

Favorite Exercise

Least Favorite Exercise
Being in the house

Songs that Fire Us Up
Baha Men - "Who Let the Dogs Out"

Fun Fact About Us
Otis–My nickname is Chocolate Baby Otis and I sleep on a pillow like a human.
Char–I smile with my teeth when I get excited and my dad calls me "Char Char Binks."

"You are shrunken down to the size of a nickel and dropped into the bottom of a blender. What do you do?"
What's a blender?